“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” (Bill Gates)

Classic search (Legal or Compliance)

Our supreme discipline! After an intensive briefing, in which you explain your legal staffing requirements to us, we identify suitable target candidates and skilfully reach out to them. From consultants in Law or Compliance to Senior Legal Counsel to General Counsel or Head of Compliance, with this tried and tested method you also reach candidates who are not currently actively looking for work and therefore do not respond to classic job adverts.


Have you got a vacancy or vacancies in the Legal or Compliance areas, but are still shying away from an extensive search? We’ll happily take a look first of all in our comprehensive database and search for candidates for you who are listed as looking for work. If we come across suitable candidates in this process, our fee is exclusively performance-based.


You would like to win over highly-qualified and motivated legal experts and managers and retain them in your company. Professional coaching supports the successful integration of new employees. It is, moreover, an expression of your particular appreciation of your new colleagues. Your interest in a successful collaboration is evident from day one. This in turn contributes to your practice or company being viewed as an appealing brand in the employers’ market in the world of Law.

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